New Single Release - Open Sky

Release - Sudnji Dan - 14.02.2020

Thea Devy (Beovizija 2020)

I have been invited to the 2020 Beovizija to compete with 23 other contestant for the possibilty to represent Serbia at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. I am competing with the song Sudnji Dan (original: Judgement Day) which has been written in English by Ashley Hicklin, Beth Emily Morris, Dominic Scott and Pele Loriano and translated and written in Serbian by my parents and I.

The song has a powerful message, which, everyone who's involved feels, has deserved a chance to be heared. That's why, even though the song wasn't selected to represent Austria and reached the Top 3 in their selection, my team and I decided to give the song another chance.

Beyond Music - Love Is Like Air

Beyond Music is a platform co-founded by Tina Turner, which aims to connect musicians with different cultures from all over the world. I was given the opportunity to be a member of this amazing community and even had the chance to cooperate on a demo track for the Beyond Music project. The song in question is called `Love is Like Air´ and it is about the necessity of love. It was written by Kate Northrop and produced by Eduard Glumov, two amazingly talented individuals.


In December 2018, I started working with Kate Northrop on lyrics for my debut album. In March 2019 I recorded the first two songs in Zürich; one of which will be released as a single very soon. Both will be produced by Pele Loriano, one of the most successful producers in Switzerland. I had a great time at the recording and I am very honoured to be able to work with the both of them.

What Christmas Is About  - New Single Release 14.11.2018

This song embodies what Christmas means to me and how happy it makes me to spend it with my friends and family. The fact that I got to film the music video with my little brother, as well as good friends of mine, makes it even more special to me.

Collide - Single Release 21.11.2018


This song is very personal to me. It’s about handing over your fate, no longer being in control of your own life and ultimately having to fight your inner demons.

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